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Orbit From Home: 10 at-home learning resources from SketchUp

To our SketchUp community: our hearts go out to everyone affected by COVID-19. We’ve all had to make adjustments to keep our communities safe, and we are here for you while you’re at home and adapting. We’ve rounded up our top 10 learning resources that you can take advantage of while you #OrbitFromHome.

learning resources from SketchUp

Check out our ten ways to take advantage of the time spent social distancing:

  1. Learn the SketchUp fundamentals from this self-guided course. Reminder: it’s free and subtitled in more than 100 languages!
  2. More experienced at SketchUp? Dive into our Skill Builder video playlists and polish up your skills.
  3. Discover our Podcast, SketchUp Talk! A great companion to listen to while you’re orbiting away on the axis.
  4. Still tight on time while working from home? In under 60 seconds, our Quick Wins are packed with powerful skills. 
  5. Curious about how other professionals are using SketchUp? Learn from the best and brightest in our customer case studies.
  6. See it all live! Tune in to our live model challenges - every Friday at 12 pm MT. Don’t have time to catch it live? Watch the recordings
  7. Try out some of the other products you have access to as a SketchUp Pro Subscriber! Spend some time learning LayOut, share projects with Trimble Connect, model online with SketchUp for Web, or check out SketchUp Viewer for your mobile device!
  8. Looking for new ways to customize your workflow? Explore our Extension Inspections to find the perfect plugin for you.
  9. Tired of dressing up with nowhere to go? Recover your sense of style by learning how to make (and personalize) your very own 2D Component! 
  10. *BONUS!* Share how you’re staying inspired over the next few weeks by tagging your designs with #OrbitFromHome for a chance to be featured on our social channels! 

Whether you’re using your free time to become more proficient & efficient at SketchUp, getting workflow tips from other SketchUp users, or leaning on your love of design during these times, we hope you’re staying healthy and taking care of yourself & your loved ones. 

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