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Find what you need – faster – with the latest 3D Warehouse updates

Rapidly discover 3D models

Image Search in 3D Warehouse

Streamline your design process by searching for 3D models with images instead of text in 3D Warehouse’s search bar. Take a photo of a chair from a showroom floor or a mood board and drop your inspiration into our intelligent search engine. Sit back and let AI quickly hunt through millions of pre-built models to pinpoint ideal matches. 

Move from design to client approval to specification faster — 3D Warehouse searches include real products from manufacturers. Keep an eye out for Live Components that can be parametrically customized to fit your design requirements. Plus, you’re not limited to searching with just text-based keywords; image searching leaps over language barriers to shortlist the best models from every corner of the world.

See what others are saying:

“This really is a game-changer! Most of the time, I give a customer the advice to look for some nice IKEA furniture because of the large quantities of models in the 3D Warehouse. With this update, I can just import a Pinterest picture and look for the most similar model!” 

-Mauri Prosch, Virtual Reality Visualizer at Imagineering

 “My design clients request furniture to be included using a single picture and no other information. This image search feature, which I have internally been wishing for, for years, will add years to my life — in a good way!” 

Mike Bell, Freelance 3D Designer 

“One of the most challenging things about having a very large library of objects to search from in 3D Warehouse is finding exactly what options you have and doing that quickly. Trimble has beautifully attacked this pain point using AI technology with its new image search option.”

Anthony Frausto-Robledo, AIA, LEED AP, Editor-in-Chief, Architosh

If you still need convincing, 3D Warehouse Image Search won Architosh’s “Best of Show: Innovation” AIA23 award

Source materials with ease 

Material Search in 3D Warehouse

We didn’t limit the love to just searching for 3D models — materials are now searchable, filterable, and directly downloadable from the Materials tab in 3D Warehouse. You can now easily source material and texture swatches for use in SketchUp using keyword search. Simply type the name of the material into the search bar, and click the Materials tab. 

Access your favorites wherever work’s happening

Easily access your favorite products, models, catalogs, and collections across desktop, mobile, and web when you log in with your Trimble ID. When you launch 3D Warehouse within a SketchUp project, all your curated content will be accessible for use right in your model, speeding up your workflow. 

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