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A Case Study: NMD Interiors - Imagination to reality in cost effective Healthcare Interior


With over 40 hospitals built, Niraj Mehta, Principal designer of NMD Interiors rely on SketchUp modelling tools and solving complex on site service management through SketchUp. NMD Interiors boasts of its forte in Healthcare, residential and corporate interiors. They are well integrated and highly coordinated bunch of naturally gifted individuals specializing in a wide array of professional domains such as turnkey interior projects, 3D design modelling and site supervision.


For Dr Kelkar Hospital, in the remote town of Sangola near Solapur city, the challenges were to complete project in specific deadline and use of cost-effective material with low wastage and higher productive outcome. After identifying critical needs from client, the company focus on problem solving as well as creative process to conclude on design. For Dr Kelkar Hospital, they segregated hospital in 3 major design segments as per the footfall and realized waiting with courtyard will play big role in diverting patients to specific department as well as making patients and their relatives feel positive, fresh and close to nature. They wanted to add greenery to reduce anxiety among the patients and the visitors. Using proper illumination with modern light fixtures will create fresh and energetic touch to the space.


NMD Interiors needed international standards infrastructure, better design at affordable cost at faster speed of execution was the challenge. While doing Dr Kelkar Hospital, NMD Interiors faced the same challenge of selection of materials to manage multiple services which are related to human comfort as well as for treating healthcare professional’s comfort as well as functionality regarding medical procedures. 

NMD Interiors Challenge

Above 3D technical drawing of plumbing did with SketchUp and Layout was used for detailed instructions. 

NMD Interiors Challenge

Reception view in SketchUp of Dr Kelkar Hospital designed by NMD Interiors. 


NMD Interiors used SketchUp extensively to design and give multiple options of the space with best fit of aesthetics and functionality to produce innovative, creative and cost-effective outcome without wasting any extra material. With SketchUp 3D warehouse, NMD Interiors received large collection of healthcare standard furniture which saved time of developing multiple designs in lesser amount of time. SketchUp with BIM helped them to plan services well before the project started, this helped client to keep their project cost up to date before start of the project. With SketchUp making details of the material samples and applied them in the SketchUp, which helped the company in showing more precise visuals to client, which made material selection process very fast and near to accurate in achieving exactly same what NMD Interiors proposed.

NMD Interiors Solution

NMD Interiors Solution


NMD Interiors is a hub of innovation in interior design. Proficient in healthcare, residential, and corporate interiors, they epitomize excellence. The Dr. Kelkar Hospital project in Sangola illustrates their adeptness in providing high-quality infrastructure within budget constraints. SketchUp streamlined space planning, material selection, and project execution, ensuring cost-effective solutions and reduced waste. This approach has transformed healthcare spaces into nature-infused environments, enhancing comfort for patients and staff. SketchUp continues to redefine interior design, blending technology and creativity for success.

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