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A Case Study : AVADH HELICONIA - Overcoming Waterlogging Challenges with Innovative Design


Suman Shilp is a firm of experts who bring dreams to reality. At Suman Shilp we are experts in transforming client ideas into conceptual designs, and then from the design development stage to detailed working drawings by giving them execution therapy. In this journey, we give due justice to color, form, texture, space functionality, and feasibility.

Avadh Heliconia Introduction


Located in Vapi, Gujarat, India, AVADH HELICONIA (Clubhouse landscape) project beautifully captures the essence of Gujarat's rich cultural heritage, deeply rooted in the practice of enculturation. The landscape design incorporates native elements like step wells, and the clubhouse entrance features a stunning stone-carved fountain, offering a warm welcome to guests. The design, spread over 6 acres, immerses visitors in the beauty of Indian culture and traditions. The entrance fountain, shaped like a lantern, symbolizes the Indian tradition of welcoming guests with light and water, washing away negativity. This project exemplifies a harmonious blend of locally sourced materials and skilled craftsmanship, embracing the spirit of Indian heritage and traditions.

Avadh Heliconia Overview


The biggest challenge with this project was that it was a waterlogged area. Therefore, a well-crafted methodology had to be planned to ensure water flows out of the property. The entire landscape revolved around this fact. The road has been lifted to act as a drain. Considering the terrain and climatic conditions the plantation plan has been designed.


Situated in a waterlogged area, this project faced the formidable task of managing water flow. A visionary approach was adopted, with the road serving a dual role as both a pathway and a drainage system, effectively channeling water away from the property. Additionally, a well-adapted plantation plan was implemented to thrive in this unique environment. SketchUp, a 3D modeling tool, played a crucial role in visualizing and refining these solutions, aiding in the precise design of the elevated road-drainage system and ensuring the seamless integration of landscape elements. This innovative use of technology was instrumental in transforming a waterlogged area into a culturally rich and functional landscape.

Avadh Heliconia Solution

Avadh Heliconia Solution

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Avadh Heliconia Solution

Avadh Heliconia Solution

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